The three resources I found most helpful when Lara had headtilt were:

Head Tilt in House Rabbits
By Susan A. Brown, DVM, Sept 2006
House Rabbit Society
Headtilt and its causes and treatments.

Otitis Media and interna
By Esther van Praag, PhD

Middle/inner ear infection – one of the most common causes of headtilt. Extremely useful advice.
Page 3 includes a diagram to help diagnose EC or middle/inner ear infection as the cause of headtilt based on continuous movement of the eye.
Also take note of the information provided on antibiotic treatment (what works best, and what to avoid) at the end of page 3. NB: ‘Trimethoprim Sulfate is sometimes advised, but shows poor results in rabbits. This could relate to the fact that half-life of this drug is about 40 min in rabbits.’

Encephalitozoon Cuniculi
Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund (RWAF)
Last updated: September 2004

EC – the other most common cause of headtilt. A good background to EC and treatment.

Groups – for support and advice
On The Wonk
Yahoo group run as part of this website
Come and join us! The aim of the group is to provide a support network for people caring for headtilt bunnies. Give or gain advice :o)

UK Companion Rabbits (UKCR)
Yahoo group full of very friendly rabbit owners/slaves! Lots of knowledgeable people. My Lara wouldn’t have survived without the help I received from some people there.

More headtilt resources coming soon!

Other health issues

Virginia Rabbit Inc.
A rescue centre with information focusing on Thymoma.

For Bunnies with head-tilt

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