Peanut’s Journey (posted from On the Wonk Yahoo Group) ~ written October 2012

He was only 3-4 months old and was left at a pet store when i saw him, he was so sweet licking my finger and wanting nose rubs. It had only been 7 months since my elder bunny Jessica passed away she was 8 years old when she passed and the best house rabbit. I had sworn I would not get another bunny because it was just so sad to lose a pet, but all the signs were pointing to this little guy needs to have a home.

We had him for about a week when I noticed a bit of a tilt and some balance issues (this was at the end of Nov 2011) so i took him to the vet where we got him and they told me at the first visit that he is fine he is still a baby and may be a little wobbly on his feet. Now being a little rabbit savy i knew this was a crazy answer because they are a prey animal they are not wobbly on their feet because they need to get away! So I took him home and continued to watch him, he continued to get a little worse each week till he had a more pronounced head tilt, so back to the vets again. This time they gave him a dose of antibiotics and on our way. Still no better, finished the baytril (2wks), then we went on metacam and more baytril, still no panacur. He finished that, still continued to get worse. Now by the beginning of Jan 2012 he was in bad shape. The vets wanted to keep him through the weekend so they could watch him…. WORST THING I COULD HAVE DONE!!!… they called me on Monday and told me to put him to sleep, there was no help and this was cruel to keep him like this. I told them NO I want to come and get him and take to a different vet (this one I researched and found a true rabbit savy vet).

When I picked him up it was the worst I had seen him, he was rolling constantly his eye was so bulging and he had hit it while there and it was all bloodshot. When I got him to our new vet we changed the meds to a different antibiotic, started metacam on proper dose, meclizine also introduced and some benebac. They also sent me over with a physical therapist to help deal with his severe headtilt and neuro issues. This started the 2nd week of Jan 2012. We started to see small improvements and he continued on his antibiotics and metacam for over 2 months and for almost 5 months he stayed just on metacam. We kept up with the therapy to help with range of motion and different things to help with some of the neuro issues like staying in a straight line and holding head straight (we are still working on that) but it’s been almost a year since we started this journey and now he is happy and healthy, even if he has a permanent head tilt he is able to get around and manage pretty good with it!! He is defiantly one tough little guy!!

For Bunnies with head-tilt

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