Food and Drink – the essentials

Headtilt is said to cause nausea, so your bunny will most likely be put off certain foods. You will probably need to syringe feed (Critical Care or Science Recovery – try both as some buns hate one and love the other) alongside persuading them to eat by themselves (fresh veggies/greens, hay, fresh/dried grass, pellets). If possible though, avoid picking up your bunny to syringe feed as this will increase the dizziness. If you can feed your bunny on the floor somehow then do – although this can be awkward, so if you’ve no other option then pick them up, but very very slowly, giving them time to adjust to the movement/position.

There are a number of options to help your bunny drink enough:

– If your bunny eats some veggies/greens then wet them before you serve them.

– If you are syringe feeding then give bunny a syringe with more watery feed amongst syringes of the normal consistency. But syringe feed very slowly and carefully so they don’t choke!

– The safest way I found to give more fluids is by using the rabbit water bottle. When I had Lara in my arms for syringe feeding (yes I had to pick her up – but I would sit on the floor with her so she wasn’t too high up), I would switch to holding the water bottle above her mouth so that she could drink at her own pace. I would also hold it out like this for her on the floor.

– Experiment with different water positions and equipment: Give your bunny both a water bottle and a bowl and see which they prefer. Try both at different heights and angles. Try bowls with different lips/depths. Try putting the bowl on a stack of magazines. Try resting the bowl at an angle. Try anything you think might work ­čÖé


  • Food and drink – the essentials

For Bunnies with head-tilt

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