I think my bunny has headtilt. What should I do?

If your rabbit shows the symptoms listed in Does My Rabbit Have Headtilt?, I would strongly advise you to gather the following information and contact your rabbit-savvy vet for an emergency appointment NOW. Even if your bunny is only showing mild signs of headtilt it is important to have them checked as soon as possible.

Your Rabbit’s History (recent and past)

Although it’s distressing to see your rabbit in this condition, you really need to try to identify a possible cause of their headtilt as soon as you can by piecing together his/her health history.

The time you spend putting together this information will be invaluable, as it will help you and your vet determine the best treatment plan for your rabbit from the very beginning. (If you have a moment to read Lara’s Story at some stage then you will see how useful this exercise is!)

Note: It is very important that you write down your rabbit’s health history facts and give a copy to your vet on your first visit, as this will help you remember what to say while under emotional stress and provide your vet with a record of your conversation and the whole picture regarding your rabbit’s condition.

To save time, I have provided a checklist below for you to work with. You can print this off, fill in the blanks and cross out the points that are not relevant, and add any additional notes at the end. Remember to note the time you saw these symptoms in your rabbit; symptoms are still important even if it’s been a while since you last saw them. They all add to your rabbit’s history.

Download the PDF


  • I think my bunny has headtilt. What should I do?

For Bunnies with head-tilt

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